We’re not kidding ourselves and we won’t try to spin you: We launched TrineDaily to sell more TrineDay books. 

As you may have heard, the publishing business ain’t getting easier.  But the news business is such a shit show that we see a window of opportunity for a publisher that’s worked for nearly two decades trying to help Americans unravel WTF is going on.

Because that’s what TrineDay’s books strive to do. We’ve been called “The publisher of last resort,” because we dare lift the veil, best we can, on the modern myths that have been created to spellbind and hoodwink the nation. Today it’s called fake news, but it’s been infecting America for much, much longer than the last election cycle.

So that’s the deal we’re trying to strike here. We’ll give you a free news site, a true Alternative News site, one that will work to decipher the darkly comic espionage novel we’re all living in.

You read our stuff, decide if you trust us. If you do, buy our books. We need the money and you’ll learn a ton of mind-blowing stuff.

Here’s the link to our books site. We know it looks pretty retro, to put it about as nicely as possible. We’re working on that.

Best wishes always,

Wolfgang Solo, Managing Editor