Meet the Mockingbirds — CNN’s Anderson Cooper

[tl;dr — The CIA’s “Operation Mockingbird” controlled top journalists from the 50s to the 70s, when the operation was “closed down.” TrineDaily believes it’s back, bigger than ever, and handsome blue blood Anderson Cooper is a top-tier example.]

“Mockingbird” is a term you’re going to see thrown around a lot at TrineDaily, in reference to reporters whom we presume are in the employ of the intelligence community, the military, some government organization, one of the political parties and/or some other controlling force.

We call these people “Mockingbirds” because that’s what the government called them in “Operation Mockingbird,” a broad espionage program from the CIA that began in the 1950s. It bribed and otherwise  manipulated and controlled news media for propaganda purposes. It involved some very big names and you can Google around to find them or wait for us to round them all up in the coming months.

CIA Runs Media, Mostly

Not our work, but we get a big kick out of it. If yours & you want it down, just LUK.

In any case, “Mockingbird” was real, it existed and it was exposed.

The Church Committee hearings of the mid-to-late 1970s, following Watergate, brought “Operation Mockingbird to light. This was during a brief (but failed) historical window after Nixon’s downfall to deconstruct and expose CIA’s increasing power and unlawfulness.

During hearings and under the spotlight, CIA pledged they would scrap Operation Mockingbird—along with the MKUltra program, the even more notorious secret brainwashing operation—and be less evil.

But if you believe we aren’t living through Mockingbird II: Fake News on Steroids, TrineDaily can fashion any number of hyperbolic headlines and hashtags to sell you—#Pizzagate #Russiagate #BLM #SethRich—and a dozen cynically cheerful companies who can be hired to astroturf your way to trending on Twitter.

This actually, in a way, leads us once more to Cass Sunstein, but that’s a story for a different headline.

Back to Mockingbird. We get a kick out of trying to identify which reporters and pundits—TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and blogs—are most in the pocket of Uncle Sam.

All of them are to some extent, but we’re talking about which ones are really right down there on their knees, like groupies before rock stars.

CNN is loaded with them, moreso all the time, but we’re quite fond of handsome, dashing Anderson Cooper, who was actually a CIA intern for two years before he decided to go into media instead, ahem.

Cooper’s got the American royalty thing that CIA loves going for him, too—son of Gloria Vanderbilt, billionaires’ bloodlines run blue.

While attending Yale, Anderson Cooper was a member, like Jodie Foster, of The Manuscript Society.

He’s got the Yale secret society bona fides, via The Manuscript Society (along with Jodie Foster, David Gergen, etc.) , which, if not the Order of Skull & Bones, did lend its meeting place tomb to the Bonesmen when they were locked out of their own tomb by alumni (in the 1990s for permitting women to join the previously all-male group). It additionally allegedly emulates one of Skull & Bones’ more outré rites for pledges, which we will not recount here.

In addition to being a tween child model for Ralph Loren and Calvin Klein, which may or may not raise a yellow flag for you, Cooper’s also got the tragic/weird family death that often seems to follow these sorts of bloodlines around: When he was 21, Cooper’s 23-year brother leapt to his death in front of their mother, Gloria Vanderbilt.

Of course, all this is just observation and opinion. Maybe CIA gave Cooper the internship, he decided it wasn’t for him and the agency was all like “”Look, everybody, I know we’ve got this handsome Vanderbilt kid working for us, but he said it’s not for him, it’s not his passion. We won’t be needing him for anything anymore, and it’s all cool, right?”

                                                                                                     AC in NOLA.

Look, we’re not going to 100 percent guarantee Anderson Cooper is a CIA media shill, because that’s not how this stuff works—espionage is all shadows, the key is learning to discern patterns in the dark—and we don’t want the lawsuit. But you’d be hard pressed to find someone who fits the job description better.

Anderson Cooper worst headshot

We don’t particularly dislike Anderson Cooper. Certainly much less than most of the talking heads on CNN. When he cries, we don’t think he’s faking necessarily. But we certainly don’t trust him, and look to his show as a key indicator of what the center-left viewpoint is supposed to be.

Facts on the ground are that Mockingbird was real. It’s a matter of public record. Anyone who uses their own eyes and mind would be driven to conclude it’s happening again, though surely called something else now. You can’t stop it, but you can neuter it by catching it, mocking it and having a good laugh. Then move on.