#TBT: Remember When Barbara Walters Was Concerned Corey Feldman Could Destroy the Whole Movie Business?

With the “Harvey Weinstein’s the worst predator in Hollywood” story metastasizing by the day, we thought it would be interesting to bounce back four years, to October 29, 2013, for ABC’s “The View.”

Tragically damaged former child actor Corey Feldman was on a press tour at the time for his memoir,  “Coreyography,” which had come out that day. The book is, in the words of The Hollywood Reporter, “A harrowing tale of drugs, exploitation and sexual abuse.”

Making the chat show rounds, Feldman landed on ABC’s “The View,” which at the time still had Henry Kissinger’s old squeeze Barbara Walters as the ringleader of the daily estrogen-fest. At the moment when Feldman is trying to tell the television audience that he and his late best friend the late Corey Haim were sexually abused as boys by “some of the richest and most powerful people in [the movie] business,” Walters interrupts him to point out, “You’re damaging an entire industry!” Check it out:


This pretty much sums up the “circle the wagons” mentality of Hollywood. If you’ve got so-called elite newspeople who are more concerned about the movie business than you are about protecting children from being raped by wealthy movie business predators, you can understand the omertà that would help protect a Hollywood mogul like Harvey Weinstein. And we’ve not heard about Harvey raping any underaged girls or boys. Yet, at least.

The video excerpt above is from the documentary “An Open Secret,” We highly recommend and suggest you watch from the beginning to begin to grasp the level of predation in Hollywood, if you don’t already. Here is a link for some background, and it’s worth reading the comments.