Publisher’s Corner: What Does It Take?

We are born, live and die. Many of us, if we are lucky, never have a clue of the madness surrounding us.

It is getting harder to ignore though. The idylls of our childhood have been ripped asunder, slouching towards an uncertain future.

Conspiracy theory lore teaches that we are dealing with a concerted effort by a shadowy amorphous secret societal system, wearing whatever “hood” works, using sophisticated psychological warfare as a control mechanism to create “their” future.

Thesis/Antithesis = Synthesis. If you control the Thesis and Antithesis you have a good chance of determining the Synthesis.

“We,” all of us together, our social order, our world community is not on a death trip. “Be fruitful, and multiply …” are the watchwords of us hoi polloi. The first “fail-safe” device that keeps us from jumping off cliffs is known to us from Hegel as the “historical dialectic.”

This can be abrogated, especially about “gut” issues, by mixing truth with lies that then color any “debate,” — because by controlling the extremes you control the middle. The historical dialectic may be manipulated, and divisive issues are used as hat-racks in a room to get folks on opposing sides to fight each other generating maelstroms in their wake.

Our next fail-safe “device” is the cycles of generations. The best exposition of this phenomenon is the book, “Generations: A History of America’s Future from 1584-2069, ” by William Strauss and Neil  Howe.

Basically, there are cycles of four cohort groups that help each other through history, propelling us all forward into the future. There are the civic, the adaptive, the reactive and the idealist generations traveling together.

According to “Generations,” there was a group coming of age in the 1860s that didn’t cohere. It was a “civic” cohort group. I posit that this happened because of the murder of a beloved president, war and opium. And because of a social engine running only on three “cylinders,” and especially with our civic cohorts unrealized, I put forward that our social order became more susceptible to machinations from the shadows by the secret societal system.

It’s a continuing assault upon the grand American experiment of freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – a constitutional republic – an ideal to govern from the bottom up, not the top down. Without our civic cohorts in place, we the people have had our sovereign money debased, confiscated and controlled. We’ve been taken to war, dumbed down, “house-trained” and more.

The powers-that-be also worked very hard to get the 1960s generation to not cohere, to be a peaced-out, drugged-out generation as an antithesis to our parents highly-militarized generation—“What did you do in the war, Daddy?”

It didn’t happen. “They” really want us to get strung out on their heroin, but most of us kids stopped at the rolling papers. We didn’t proceed to the hypo. We did cohere as a generation – as “hippies.” And what came out of the hippies?

According to a two-hour special on the History Channel: the personal computer and the Internet. Which I would suggest are the tools that we as a society are using to fight the “corruption” — lying, cheating and stealing – and create a better world for our children.

That is not to say that these tools are free, open and easy. Computers and the Internet have allowed frank discussion, let loose amazing revelations and engendered connective relationships, but as time has rolled on, they have become part and parcel of the psywar and confusion.

The secret societies “control” is a leviathan of three levels with three parts to each level. The top level consists of “Mining,” “Metals,” and “Money.” It makes quite a bit of sense when you think about it. When you control the Mining activity, you have a strong chance to be controlling the metal that the money is “based” on.

The middle level is a very active level (war is used a lot), whereby the “control” is exercised to create the changes desired. The components are “Drugs,” “Guns” and “Oil.”

Co-founder of the Order of Skull & Bones, W.H. Russell

These “industries” have been and are heavily influenced by the secret societies. Skull & Bones was co-founded by William Huntington Russell of Russell and Company, which was the largest opium smuggler in America. Connecticut, where Skull & Bones is based, became known as “the arsenal of democracy,” because of its gun manufacturing prowess.

Then there is oil. It was Dr. Benjamin Silliman Jr, who is 1855 took petroleum (rock oil) and produced gasoline and paraffin. Soon the Pennsylvania Rock Oil company of New York was sold to investors in New Haven, Connecticut and oil was used a monopolizing force for control.

The only reason we go to the oil store is because “they” own it. There are many other and better sources of energy.

Where this leviathan meets the road is the third level of “Media,” “Movies/Music,” and “Magic.” The Media is under the control of a few media-monopolies. “They” have to control our culture (movies/music) as much as they can, because if they don’t, it’ll bite them in the ass. Last is “Magic,” the ability to hoodwink us and their preponderance of using mass trauma to scare the crap out of us. Their goal is to smash the archetype, put us in shock and then rebuild the archetype in the form “they” prefer.

It is an ugly game played for fun, profit and our future.

Of course, as we’ve seen in the past couple years and with escalating impact, that bottom tier’s not working out so well for them anymore. And this, in the words of Bruce Cockburn, is a place where we can “kick at the darkness until it bleeds daylight.”

Fortunately, TrineDay Books has had nearly two decades chipping away at this foundation. And now, with TrineDaily, we will be part of the patriotic efforts to dispel plans for a feudal top-down social order, instead working for the continuation of America’s grand challenge to govern from the bottom up.

I hope you’ll join us. Be supportive, be critical, keep us on our game. Our intent is to try and decipher what’s going on best we can, and pull as many as we can along with us. Everyone knows change is coming. Let’s make sure it’s the right change.